Meet the founder of Woodaeckson Clothing, Adam Valicek!

Meet Adam!

Woodaeckson’s Founder, Adam, is a Psychology student at Finlandia University in Michigan. Additionally, he plays on the Varsity hockey team at the University, and has decided to fulfill his passion. His dream of creating his own clothing startup and bringing his designs to light is finally coming to fruition with Woodaeckson. There is no question that Adam’s passion for traveling, adventure, and nature are represented in his clothing. With Woodaeckson’s first line of clothing on the way, Adam is jubilant about sharing these designs with all of you!

Woodaeckson Founder

Growing up in the Czech Republic, the Beskydy Mountains enthralled Adam. Furthermore, his love for the outdoors and desire to improve his English brought him to Vancouver. “Vancouver and British Columbia reminded me of how much I loved being in nature, and from that point I started to have a vision for how I could give something back.” This alludes to Adam’s vision of aligning Woodaeckson with charities that support the preservation of nature and cognizance of the risks of animal agriculture.

Adam has pledged to donate 10% of all profits to Stand for Trees and The Humane League, two charities that work admirably to make an ecological difference. “Our goal is to make sustainable clothing and spread this idea as far as possible, that is what Woodaeckson represents.”