Meet Amy Siripunyo, Marketing and Content Manager!

Meet Amy Siripunyo, Marketing and Content Manager for Woodaeckson!

Amy Siripunyo Woodaeckson Marketing and Content Manager

Bringing experience and dedication to the Woodaeckson team, Amy’s media savvy extends well beyond our company’s marketing and social media pages. With extensive experience in the arts, and a wealth of culture, her contributions have been integral to the conception of Woodaeckson’s image, motivation, and design.

Born in Germany, Amy’s passion for the arts brought her experience in graphic design. Thereafter she pursued her degree in Theater in London, a city born of great ideas and opportunity. Furthermore, the combination of her arts & media talent, with a passion for travel and adventure, brought her to Chicago to pursue her Master’s in Arts Management at Columbia College Chicago. Amy’s acquired business skills are guiding Woodaeckson’s day-to-day activities and operations, while keeping the team creative and open to new ideas.

Moreover, Amy’s love for travel, environmental awareness, and charitable values align perfectly with the vision of Woodaeckson. With the development of our official website, Amy’s input is in ever-present application, and continues to bring the realization of our clothing to fruition. With the plethora of work on the plate of a creative startup, a talented co-founder of Amy’s caliber is nothing less than essential.