Environmental Impact of Trump’s Wall

What are the environmental costs of building Trump’s wall?

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The current political climate indicates many environmental issues ahead. With President Trump’s proposed wall along the Mexican border, environmentalists are worried about the impact on the surrounding environment. Moreover, the existing 654 miles of fence and wall have already impacted animal populations. This impact is reflected in cutting populations off, isolating and reducing their natural habitats.

The existing border already poses a roadblock for natural movement of wildlife across the border. Additionally, it affects their territories. Imagine the effects of Trumps wall and the negative impact on natural surroundings.

Furthermore, the construction itself will affect global warming due to production of cement, materials and increase greenhouse gases. The Department of Homeland Security is currently drafting a new environmental review examining the impacts of the wall and other border enforcement activities.

Not only is Trump’s wall not economically efficient to reduce illegal immigration, but it is important not to only consider monetary costs, but environmental costs. As a result, the immediate effect on surrounding environments is the destruction of natural wildlife territories and populations.

Our team is very concerned about this issue, please take some time to support this cause and sign the petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/362/706/451/tell-trump-no-wall/