Environmental Effects of Animal Agriculture

Raising Environmental Awareness against Factory Farming

In the 21st century environmental awareness is all around us. However, pressing issues involve topics ranging from greenhouse emissions and pollution to clear cutting. Nevertheless, one important topic is rarely address in the mainstream media: animal agriculture. The environmental of factory farming are even more substantial than car emissions and factory pollution.

Clear cutting forests, CO2 emission from factories and the inhumane treatment of animals, are all results of animal agriculture in America. Factories inhabit land to house more animals, which leads to more pollution due to animal waste and CO2 emissions. Livestock produces more than 51% of greenhouse emissions. Additional resources and freshwater supplies are devoted to livestock. We are afraid, that factories will take over more land while using valuable resources to produce more animal products.

Woodaeckson donates 10% of their profit to a range of environmental charities, including the Humane League. The Humane League fights for animal rights and against factory farming. In our opinion, supporting this cause ties directly into saving the planet and every living being on this earth. Our team consists of vegans and vegetarians and we truly believe this cause should be supported by all environmentalists. Shop our collection to support this cause at www.woodaecksonclothing.com/shop.